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With Confidence

Let's fun with me

For English and French speakers

Hello, everyone!!
Are you all interested in Japanese? business? manga? kanji?
There are many other fun things in Japan that will surely give you a beautiful feeling and lots of fun things you don't know about.
If you are interested in Japan, why not learn Japanese?
no time? I will teach each person carefully at any time you like.
Lets go and enjoy it!

My policy

I have 2 policy which is very important. It's...

1, Teaching to someone else, 

      there is NO answer how to


2, I'd like to you have


All the more reason, I teach carefully and repeat it over and over until you understand.

I adapt all kind of level students by one by, I'd like to support that you are able to speak Japanese with Confidence.

My wish is you have more interested in Japan, and to be able to success in Japan.


Nagai Natsue

Contact me anytime!

If you want to start a Japanese lesson, you have any other questions about  my Japanese course. Please  contact me anytime. I will reply to you as soon as possible.



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!!! WELCOME !!!

Let's  enjoy it From any country by online!!!!!!!!!


My lesson style

All classes are online (Skype or Zoom)

In class, we will use desktop sharing and Excel to save what we have learned together and have it sent to you after class.

I have...

- Beginner Course

- Business Course

- Manga  Course

- Test Course


About booking lesson 

You can choose the time freely.

(Reservation required)

700 am - 2300 pm

Every day including 

Sat &Sun

We offer a 45-minute free lesson before taking this course

for your level check. 


Teaching Materials

I prepare the materials and adapt to your needs accordingly.

The materials are  aimed for




-Test book


​My lesson style 

Online Course

Here are some of my basic lesson styles. But don't worry. You can change it at any time if you wish.

Let's build the original style together!!!

toyota bignner.jpg

Scan and paste the text page by page into an Excel sheet.

Write notes and text explanations that we talked about during class to deepen your understanding and leave them together.

In class, we will create this Excel file together with students using desktop sharing and Google spreadsheets.

Of course, we will send this excel file to the students after class. Students can ask the teacher any questions or requests for review during future lessons.

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