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About my Courses

I have an abundantce of experience which is more than most.

There are various purposes for learning Japanese and everyone is welcome 

Many of my students have passed the N5, N4, N3

Japanese language proficiency test .

In addition to teaching not only grammer 

I sometimes enjoy learning by watching manga 

videos , playing games ect...

Learning Japanese is very difficult , so I could explain it in English or French  so that you  understand very easyly.

I am a typical Japanese lady .

So you can also ask me many things about Japanese culture.

This  course  starts from 0.
You are interested in Japan and Japanese language,  want to know more about Japan.


You could Learn the basics and applications of using Japanese in business.


​You could Learn Japanese based on the Japanese manga you have. You can also learn about Japanese culture and customs of manga.


Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation Course
It is a test preparation course from N5 to N1



I will introduce you to Japanese culture and food,  also you will acquire the skills to deal with daily life matters such as basic greetings, self-introduction, shopping and ordering restaurants.

 You will know the general aspects of business, manga, travel and the official Japanese test after taking this course, you will be able to speak general simply phrases in Japanese.

For  levels 1

Hiragana, katakana ;

simple composition, simple conversation.

For levels 2 

Common verbs;
verb conjugation, all adjective tenses.

Conversation using verb for basic conjugations and grammar 


 For levels 3

Learn kanji;
Read texts containing kanji.

For  levels 4 

Discussion and expression of ideas from the text story.

For levels 6

Polite form, honorific form, advanced level entrance. 

For levels 7 

Japanese Language proficiency Test 5, 4 Pass Level



This is a course where you can learn Japanese business conversation and manners for those who want to work in Japan,

Foreigners who go to Japan on a business trip or are assigned to Japan for work. You can take basic business manners course which includes how to write mail, respond to phone calls, reply to emails, and  meetings.



We could  watch  your favorite manga and anime together, I will translate and explain in Japanese in the Class. Learning while watching Japanese movies and manga. I will actively teach Japanese-specific onomatopoeia, etc., as well as slang.

This is an advanced course for those who have mastered the beginner course.



Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation

In particular, having this qualification is useful for those who are given preferential employment in Japan or who are thinking of studying abroad.  Recently , most companies are required to qualify for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test when working in Japan.

It is quite difficult to study by yourself, so you will study mainly test preparation and learn strategies.

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